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Smart and successful, you have worked hard to create a great lifestyle. In others, you appreciate strength of character, achievement, and a sense of adventure. You love to be around intelligent, witty people who can inspire you in one moment, and make you laugh out loud in the next.


We understand that a great relationship is part of your recipe for an exciting, fulfilling life. We know how important it is for that relationship to be in keeping with the authentic way you live your life: a true meeting of equals – emotionally, intellectually and, for some, financially.

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Meet two of the most experienced dating professionals in the UK: Julie Lazurus and Tracey Cater. Tracey and Julie have years of combined experience in helping single men and women find the dating solution most suited to their wants, needs and budget. Both are highly respected experts within the dating industry who are passionate about helping others to find love. For an informal chat about how joining Attractive Partners could transform your personal life.

Call Tracey or Julie on 0800 644 4140.

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