The Attractive Partners Team

If you're a little confused about the world of dating currently, we feel it is entirely understandable as dating has been changing in recent times and we wanted to make you feel a little clearer and less daunted by the process of finding 'the one' by giving you the opportunity to meet our team at Attractive Partners.

Online dating has been severely criticised on TV, within the British press and by the Information Commission and it is entirely not at all surprising that many people simply don't want to take the risks that are associated with meeting people, who have not been checked or vetted, after all they could be someone entirely different to who they say they are.

With online fraud running at more than £36 million per annum and several high profile recent cases having seen people relieved of their life savings, it's understandable that both men and women feel vulnerable and want to know who they are dealing with, so here is the chance to meet some key members of the Attractive Partners team and put a face to the name of who you will be dealing with, if you entrust Attractive Partners with, helping you in what is probably the most important decision you will ever meet in your life - choosing your life partner.

Meet Sarah

Senior Membership Advisor

Sarah is the Senior Matchmaker at Attractive Partners and is often the person who will come and meet new members in their own home, to thoroughly get to know them, to understand what makes them tick, their hopes and aspirations for the future, their family circumstances, their career but most importantly to really get to know and understand the sort of partner that they are looking for, which will help her so much in her role in the future.

Sarah first joined Attractive Partners in 2007, when she saw a cute little ad. in her local paper and thought 'How interesting, that's my perfect job role'. She says she was always playing match maker with friends & family and worked in the retail bridal industry at the time, which is a few steps further up the love ladder & fancied a change.

Sarah took to the role superbly and remembers her first match very vividly. She recalls "He was a gorgeous but demanding Egyptian banker from London. His criteria for his perfect partner went on forever. I had a sweet, blonde, primary school teacher in mind for him, they were polar opposites but I knew it was right. I had to sell it to him as she only ticked 3 of his many boxes. In the end they were the most important boxes & he was very grateful I persevered - they are still happily together today".

Shortly after that she achieved her most satisfying match ever. Say's Sarah "He was a very successful business man. He had a family, played sports & was a delight to talk to. But after suffering polio as a child he was now in a wheelchair & against all odds he had achieved so much. Sadly finding himself single again in his 50's he approached us for help. I took a different approach with this one & only sent his profile to ladies I thought would be open minded enough. He very quickly met 'The One' with our help, she was a very caring & kind lady. He proposed to her on Table Mountain in South Africa while they were on holiday".

We asked Sarah what she feels makes Attractive Partners so magical as a brand and why it has been so popular over the years. Sarah's response was as follows: " The word Attractive is appealing in itself as who would request anything unattractive in their life? Attractive to me may not be attractive to you, so it is also subjective. People are generally aspirational & attractive is one of those words that eludes to that. I feel this is what has kept the Attractive Partners brand at the very top of the tree now within the Personal Introductions industry for more than a decade and has created a very strong brand that the public feel very happy to deal with and long may that be the case. I feel we give good value for money too against most of our competitors, who are often asking fees considerably higher than all 4 Attractive Partners membership options".

We hope that gives our clients a clear insight into what we are trying to achieve at Attractive Partners and why when many people are anxious to find a safe haven within the dating industry that is much more confidential and safer than online dating, that Attractive Partners should be a strong consideration. So why not complete our contact form today or phone us on our Freephone number, at our expense, on 0800 644 4140, we are available 9.00am until 9.00pm Monday to Friday and 10.00am until 6.00pm at the weekends or on Bank Holidays. Go on - make that call as it might well change your life.

Meet Donna

Senior Matchmaker

My name is Donna and I am a Senior Matchmaker at our agency. I would describe myself as fun-loving, friendly and at heart, a people person. I love interacting with my clients and feel that my previous life experience and work are hugely beneficial in my role as a Personal Matchmaker. I take great pride in my work as I am passionate, dedicated and driven in helping bring people together. I really look forward to sharing this special journey with you.