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Jennifer Aniston’s Split: Why ‘Mutual and Loving’ Celebrity Break-Ups Can’t Be Trusted

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Call Time on Their Marriage February 14th, 2018, was Jennifer Aniston’s first Valentine’s Day as a single woman for quite some time.  Seven years before, she’d fallen in love with actor, Justin Theroux on a movie set.  A modern love story followed.  We’d all been rooting for Jennifer to find […]

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Online Dating: Why A Third of Users Never Get A Date

Why Online Dating Doesn’t Always Deliver Whilst one in five adults between the ages of 25 – 34 have used online dating, new research by The Pew Research Center suggests that a third of all users will never get a date.  As a result, many users find their faith in finding love fading.  Despite thousands […]

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Five Signs That It’s Time To Kick An Online Dating Habit

Welcome to the world of online dating. A world where single men and women rapidly move through hundreds of dating profiles at a time. A world where singles eliminate those who do not live up to a rigid set of standards…before spending another evening alone surfing Netflix. Where height defines a man and age defines […]

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