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Dating is a fascinating subject that arouses curiosity and interest from most of us. Over the years we have had lots of interesting experiences and our Head Office team are very well versed in most aspects of the dating industry. So keep up with the latest news in dating with Attractive Partners in our Dating News section. We will try to keep you entertained with news, views and anecdotes from this fantastic world that many of us can’t resist. Stories appear every day that are in some way connected to the world of dating and relationships. It’s perhaps understandable that dating features so strongly in the news  – our relationships are what we care most about when we take time to reflect on what being alive means to us even though sometimes they can unfortunately become sidelined more than we would wish, with all the pressures of modern day life upon us.

Embracing Love At EVERY Age

Forget out-dated beliefs about ageing As a woman in her late forties with three young teenage sons, Susanna Reid is a woman truly in her prime. She's wildly in love again, enjoying a successful career AND feeling happier and healthier than ever. Susanna is proof that...

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Dating: How To Increase Your Personal Confidence

Why Dating With Confidence Will Drastically Improve Your Chances of Finding Love Stop for a moment and think about the people you most enjoy spending time with.  It's likely that those who spring to mind radiate a sense of being comfortable in their own skin.  When...

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Create Your Own Romantic Cotswold Summer Sanctuary

Why Romantics Love a 'Cotswold Getaway' 'A Cotswold Getaway' is one of the most in demand locations for hazy, summer weekends in the UK.  It's a region where independent retailers and restaurateurs still thrive.  As a result, the emphasis is on quality with a cool,...

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Why Diana Would Love Harry’s Dating Story

How the Rules of Royal Dating Almost Bought Down the Monarchy: Not so long ago, royal dating relied upon a tick box system.  Unless a potential suitor had a clean past and aristocratic blood, any union was doomed.  The Queen's uncle, Edward VIII, famously gave up his...

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